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                                Legal aspects and disclaimers

                                What we've written...

                           Everything on this website, and its associated blog, has been put there in good faith to benefit
                           the reader, and is, to the best of our knowledge and belief, true and accurate.

                           Healthy Business is independent of GNLD, and none of the content has been read, or
                           specifically approved, by GNLD.

                          The content is not meant to be, and should not be seen as, diagnosis, treatment, opinion, or
                          prescription of any medical condition or ailment whatsoever.
                          The supplements...

                          The nutritional supplements written about are proffered as a means of bridging any nutritional
                          gaps that may exist in the diet. They are not medicines or therapeutic agents.

                          In all cases, before making any changes to your regular diet, exercise programme, or
                          supplementation regime, consult with your health care provider and discuss the changes you
                          propose with him/her.

                          If you take medicines prescribed by your health care provider, always consult with him/her
                          before embarking on a nutritional supplementation programme.

                          Photos and graphics...

                          The photos of GNLD supplements we took ourselves, and resized with the excellent free
                          programme from                                    

                          Other pictures and graphics we got from a superb free stock photo site,

                          The colourful pictures to introduce product ranges we got ages ago from GNLD's website,


                                       The earnings quoted are based on the actual earnings of people we know, figures made
                          public at GNLD meetings, and figures published on GNLD websites. We publish them in good
                          faith, believing them to be true, but cannot guarantee their accuracy.

                          Earnings and savings are entirely dependent on activity.
                          If you buy a starter kit and do nothing, you'll save nothing, and you'll earn nothing.

Your business responsibility...
                          When you buy a starter kit, you have the potential to build a very successful business.
                          The onus to build your business is on you. It's not your sponsor's job to go out and build
                          your business for you.

                          Your sponsor's responsibility...

                          When your sponsor (that is, the person who introduces you to GNLD) gives you an
                          application form to sign, he/she is making a commitment to you that is both a moral one,
                          and expected by GNLD.
                          The commitment is to provide you with the support and training you require, for as
                          long as you want it. But it's up to you to let your sponsor know what you require, and
                          to ask for the help you need, if and when you need it... don't rely on telepathy! Shower
                          your sponsor with questions... he/she will love you for it.

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                          If you click on a link on our website, including Google Adsense links, the site(s) you visit
                          may place a cookie on your computer. Because they are created by other people, I cannot
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                          to ask your permission before placing a cookie. These options are usually found in the Tools
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                          The information on this website is original text written by me. It has not been copied from
                          anyone else, or any other website.

                          If I re-publish anything, the fact that it is re-published work from another site is clearly

                          Please don't copy my stuff without my written consent. Thanks.



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