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How to save money with GNLD

The first step is to get your own ID number from GNLD with a once-off purchase of a Starter Kit. That will entitle you to buy any GNLD product at wholesale price, direct from GNLD.

In South Africa, there are four Starter Kit options to suit different budget levels and product needs...

GNLD Healthy Home Starter Kit

GNLD Pro Vitality+ Starter Kit      GNLD Tre-En-En Starter Kit

    GNLD Golden Starter Kit

* The Literature you get in each Joining Kit is extensive:
  • Welcome letter
  • Getting Started Booklet
  • Flip Chart
  • Product Catalogue
  • A-Z Product Guide
  • Compensation Plan
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Confidential Distributor Price List
  • Retail Customer Price List
  • Distributor Application Forms
  • Product Order Forms
  • Copy of recent Lifestyle Magazine

Enjoy your discount...

Using your own GNLD ID number to buy direct from the manufacturer enables you to enjoy a big discount of 15-20% on items you're paying full retail price for now, at other shops.

Things like health supplements, face creams, body and hand lotions, hair shampoo and conditioner. And all your household cleaning products, like washing powder, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, furniture polish, cleaners for windows and mirrors, household disinfectant. And don't forget cleaning your car, too. 

These aren't luxuries you've got to find extra money for after you join GNLD. They're necessities you're buying every month now, so why not buy them at wholesale prices from your own shop?

Have a look at what we used to buy at full retail price, before we got our own GNLD number that enabled us to buy every single item at wholesale price.

By the way, most people we know have a shopping list like this one. Bet you do, too!

Hair shampoo
Hair conditioner
Shower gel
Bubble bath
Bath soap
Hand soap
Shaving foam
Body lotion
Hand cream
Face creams


Washing powder
Stain remover
Oxygen bleach

Bath & basin cleaner
Toilet cleaner
Air freshener
Shower cleaner
Wall tile cleaner
Mirror polish

Dishwasher powder
Dishwashing liquid
Work-top cleaner
Appliance cleaner
Floor cleaner
Sink cleaner

Floor tile sealant
Carpet shampoo
Spot remover
Upholstery cleaner
Window cleaner
Jewellery cleaner

Disease prevention
Vitamins & Minerals
Omega 3 fatty acids
Protein shake
Weight control

Dog shampoo Disinfectant Deodoriser


Wash & Wax
Wheel cleaner
Seat cleaner
Carpet cleaner
Dash polish

Here's how you save...

When you shop at a local supermarket, the prices you pay include lots of normal 'business' costs the retailer passes on to customers, like in this diagram...

 farm, factory, manufacturer
  us, the customers
R30 (often get much less)

pay R80 or more    
  Retailer's costs added on
transport, staff, stock, security, rates, rent, repairs, maintenance,  advertising, bank charges, wastage, theft,.........

Using your GNLD membership number enables you to buy direct from the manufacturer, thus avoiding most of the costs in the middle retailer box.

How GNLD saves business costs...

Of course GNLD does have some business costs, but they're able to save huge amounts of money by doing things very differently. 

  • They don't advertise on television, radio, or in glossy magazines. Their advertising is done by the people who enjoy the products. As we all know, word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful form of advertising there is. And it doesn't cost a cent!
  • They don't have shops in expensive malls. Instead, there are regional Service Centres in South Africa, supported by independent courier service and delivery hubs. The main Service Centres combine warehousing, delivery node, order processing, conference centre, and shop-front. This not only avoids an expensive chain of shops, it also avoids huge transport and warehousing costs. 

As you can imagine, the savings are enormous. And we all benefit because GNLD passes the savings on to us.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

Further savings...

In addition to buying at wholesale price, the products in GNLD's Golden Home Care range are all concentrates, so we don't pay for water at product prices: we add it ourselves from our tap.

Don't worry! It's very easy to do with GNLD's mixing bottles.

GNLD mixing spray bottle                     GNLD mixing squeezy bottle

Just put a little Golden concentrate up to the required green line, and fill the bottle with tap water. Easy peasy!

The advantages of diluting at home...

  • you pay for tap water at tap water price, not at product price like you do when you buy an ordinary product that's mainly water.
  • because they're water based, not alcohol based, Golden Home Care products are all non-flammable.
  • Golden Home Care products are much more effective than ordinary products, so you use a lot less and the bottles of concentrates last ages before they're empty. We finish one Golden Super 10 concentrate bottle every 3 months or so, and then take it to the recycling depot. Just imagine how much smaller the land-fill sites would be if everyone finished a plastic bottle every 3 months, instead of several every week.

Added convenience for you... 

After you've linked on to GNLD, you'll be able to register for your own GNLD webpage. On the webpage, you can order and pay for products online, and arrange for them to be delivered to you. Here's how.

Although you can drive to your nearest GNLD Centre to get your products, there's no need. In addition to online, you can order by fax, or even WhatsApp, and have the products you want delivered to your door.

So no more driving around looking for a parking space...standing in check-out queues...or unpacking the car! Saves you petrol, stress, and valuable time.

To get your GNLD membership...

  • If you're in South Africa, you can join easily and safely online at our GNLD-monitored website, here.
  • If you're in the USA, Canada, or Caribbean Islands, there's an online form here. Please use our GNLD number when asked: 26-5004186. Thanks.
  • For Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore, please use our GNLD number 26-5004186 and this link.
    To find out if you're in one of the other 50+ countries where GNLD does business, please go to our official GNLD website here and scroll down to the foot of the page.

    Click on the Worldwide Locations link and see if your country is listed. If it is, great! Send us an email and we'll help you enrol and get started.


    We'd love to welcome you, so please don't forget to let us know about your GNLD application.

    And if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask us. We're only an email away (our address is at the top of this page).

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