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Increasing your income with GNLD

A good reason...

We all need a good reason for starting something new, and the reason has to be powerful enough to propel us forward, regardless of any challenges that may come our way.

After all, there are plenty of people out there who will tell you it won't work... that you're nuts... that you'll never be rich. You may know some people like that... always ready to rain on your parade.  

Our good reason...  

I was a self-employed dental surgeon all my working life, and like all self-employed people, had to make my own pension arrangements.    

The numbers in the pension company brochures looked great when I started them, but as I got nearer and nearer my planned retirement age of 60 years, they looked more and more like less and less! 

We've got big plans for the next phase of our lives, and certainly don't want to rust in peace by the seaside...we want to travel. There's a huge world out there we'd love to see. And for that we need lots and lots of money - much more than our pensions provide! 

Thank goodness a friend invited us to look at GNLD as the "vehicle" to increase our annual income.

What's your reason?...

Your pension may not be your motivation, though surveys confirm that in South Africa, only 1 person in 20 will be able to afford to retire at 65 years of age.

The residual income from a GNLD business is the best pension there is!   

Maybe you'd like to travel more often? Or...

  • upgrade your car? 

  • own your own house, free of debt?

  • pay for your children's or grandchildren's education? 

  • financially help an elderly or ailing relative?

  • give more to your church or favourite charity?

Whatever your dreams, GNLD is a great "vehicle" for you to fulfil them.  

Advantages of a GNLD home business... 

  • Genuine business, founded in 1958, and now flourishing in over 55 countries, which means a huge potential for global expansion using the internet

  • Simple business plan

  • No previous business experience required to start... training and support is provided

  • No stock purchase or stock hoarding necessary

  • Low start-up cost, requiring no business investment, bank loan, or overdraft facility. (Depends on the country you are in, and the starter kit you choose).

  • No business loan means no risking of your house, insurance policies, or other assets as collateral

  • No business premises required...develop your GNLD business from your home

  • No staff your business yourself

  • No debtors or is a cash-only business

  • Consumable products get used up, and ordered again, which ensures regular, repeat business

  • Minimal paper-work. GNLD keeps track for you and you can access your "back office" anytime.

  • Residual income means you continue to get financial benefit from your established GNLD business, even though you may decide to "take it easy" in later years. In contrast, as a self-employed professional, the easier I took it, the less I earned.

  • Overseas holidays, and other benefits, after certain levels of achievement, paid by GNLD

Wow! It seemed too good to be true! 

In my conventional business, I had huge investments in premises, equipment, stock, staff, and a host of other monthly outgoings. 

And when I went on holiday, there was no residual income. In fact, there was no income at all: only expenses!

Getting started with GNLD...   

In South Africa, there are several options to get started with GNLD, depending on your budget and product requirements.

There is a description of the starter kits in the top section of this page.

step 1... enjoy your products

The benefit of owning your own GNLD ID number and membership card is that you're entitled to buy direct from GNLD at a big discount of 15-20% or more. It's like buying "on special offer" all the time.

This is the first step in your new business: Use the products yourself. You will not only save money, you will find out - like everyone else has - how well the products work.

Many of the items on your regular shopping list you can now buy direct from GNLD, at wholesale prices.

Your shopping list looks something like our one below, doesn't it?...

Hair shampoo
Hair conditioner
Shower gel
Bubble bath
Bath soap
Hand soap
Shaving foam
Body lotion
Hand cream
Face creams


Washing powder
Stain remover
Oxygen bleach

Bath and basin cleaner
Toilet cleaner
Air freshener
Shower cleaner
Wall tile cleaner
Mirror polish

Dishwasher powder
Dishwashing liquid
Work-top cleaner
Appliance cleaner
Floor cleaner
Sink cleaner

Floor tile sealant
Carpet shampoo
Spot remover
Upholstery cleaner
Window cleaner
Jewellery cleaner

Disease prevention
Vitamins and Minerals
Essential fatty acids
Amino acid (protein building blocks) shake
Weight control

Dog shampoo Disinfectant Deodoriser


Wash and Wax
Wheel cleaner
Seat cleaner
Carpet cleaner
Dash polish

There is no extra money to find. You buy these essential products anyway.

Simply change where you shop.

Instead of buying from a retail shop, buy from your own GNLD shop at special discounted prices and save yourself a lot of money every month.

You don't even have to drive to your shop and find a parking space. Order online, or by fax, or even WhatsApp, and have the products you want delivered to your door.

step 2... get talking

After you have used the products, and found out for yourself how great they are, you will automatically be doing step 2 in your business: Talking!

Talk about the benefits you have experienced. Others will want to benefit in the same way too, and they will order products from you. Of course, you buy at wholesale, and sell at retail, making a nice profit.

step 3... talk about your business

Talk with people about the GNLD concept. There are thousands of people in your area really struggling to make ends meet, and you can empower them to get themselves out of their financial mire. That is why GNLD's motto is: "People Empowering People".

step 4... training

This is a very important part of any new venture, as I'm sure you'll agree.

Training... what's on offer?

using the internet...

It's an electronic age, so most of the training is available using the internet in a variety of ways...

our website and blogs

On our sites you'll find...

  • list of books we found very helpful in building our business knowledge, getting our attitude (or mind-set) right, and learning about nutrition
  • useful info about important GNLD products
  • links to GNLD websites
  • how to professionally promote your business, and invite people to look at it
  • how to develop your own website
  • how to attract prospects and grow your business using the internet 

Need to ask us something? Send us an email (our address is at the top of this page).

And you can find us on facebook and Twitter, too.

How you make money with GNLD

An outline...

Each GNLD product has a point value, allocated by GNLD.

At the end of each business month, GNLD adds together the points of...

  • the products you bought for your own use
  • the products you bought and sold for a profit
  • the products bought by the people you've introduced to GNLD
  • the products bought by the people, who were introduced by the people you introduced...
  •  .... and so on. I'm sure you get the picture. 
Good news is, GNLD sets no limit to the number of people you introduce. And no limit to the number of people they, in turn, can introduce.

That means there's no limit to the size of your business, or the size of the bonus you can generate.

You don't have to work anything out: It's all done by GNLD, and the bonus payments are paid by GNLD direct into your bank account.

The more you promote the amazing products and the lucrative business, the more you earn. That's fair, isn't it?

Actually, it's difficult to comprehend how much money you can make with GNLD. There's no cut-off point; no upper limit to earnings, so you can literally make your business and your bonus cheques as big as you want.

Why wait any longer?

  • If you're in South Africa, you can join easily and safely online at our GNLD-controlled website, here.
  • If you're in the USA, Canada, or Caribbean Islands, there's an online form here. Please use our GNLD number when asked: 26-5004186. Thanks.
  • For Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore, please use our GNLD number 26-5004186 and this link.
  • To find out if you're in one of the other 50+ countries where GNLD does business, please go to our official GNLD website here.
    Scroll down to the foot of the page.
    Click on the Worldwide Locations link.
    Check if your country is listed.
    If it is, great! Send us an email and we'll help you enrol and get started.

Got any questions?...

If you want to know more about any aspect of this enjoyable business, please don't hesitate to email us. Our address is at the top of this page.

For products and business info, please check out our independent GNLD blog
And if you've got a question, or something to share, you're welcome to use the blog's comment boxes

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