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Safe... home and environment, with GNLD

Take a minute or two and read the labels on the products you are now using to wash your dishes, launder your clothes, clean your kitchen, bathroom, and w.c.

Most of the products have frightening hazard warnings printed on them!  

Not long ago the WHO published a report confirming that most accidents happen in the home. And that most of them involve children playing with the chemical cleaners stored under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

If you stroll down the cleaning aisle of your favourite supermarket and read a few labels, you may be horrified...

three popular products have one of these signs on their labels...


One of the irritant products is sold for use in dishwashers.

Can you be sure your dishwasher rinses every scrap of irritant chemical off your plates? Or are you dissolving it in your food and eating it?

One is for removing stains from clothes before washing.

Can you be sure your rinse cycle gets every scrap of irritant chemical out of the tiny spaces between the fibres of your clothes?

And one is for general household cleaning.

Could your children be getting a little bit of it every time they lick their fingers after touching a surface? 

Update... we've found another one! It's meant to go in the washing machine, with the soap powder, to remove stains. On the label back panel there's an orange cross with the word 'HARMFUL' under it. 

And to the side of this hazard warning (in very small print I can only read with a magnifying glass), the following warnings...

  • Harmful if swallowed
  • Irritating to skin
  • Risk of serious damage to eyes
  • Keep the product locked up and out of reach of children

Wow! Could you be absolutely sure every scrap of this harmful product will be rinsed out of your family's clothes? Or are some family members finding their clothes itchy?

There's no need to take the risk. 

GNLD's safe Home Care range is ...                           

  • not corrosive, so it won't attack your skin, ruin your clothes, or corrode machines
  • biodegradeable, so there's no harm to the environment
  • low dose, low burden, which reduces the mountains of waste
  • not flammable
  • multi-purpose
  • very economical
  • completely free rinsing out of your clothes, leaving no itchy residue

All GNLD Home Care products are very effective, yet so safe. They're very versatile too, each one able to do many jobs in your home.

One of them, LDC, was even used to save the lives of thousands of penguins soaked with oil, after a ship sank off the coast of Cape Town in 2000.

Our home is safe, thanks to GNLD’s wonderful products. And it's good to know we're doing our bit for the environment, too.


If you'd like to read about the products, browse through our copy of the GNLD Distributor Product Guide, here

And if you want help to convert your home to a safe home, please get in touch with us. Our contact details are at the top of this page.

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