The Advantages of GNLD Protein Technology
GNLD scientifically blends protein from several natural sources to achieve superior amino acid profiles. The result is a natural protein with a high PER, containing very little fat or cholesterol. The exclusive technologies found in GNLD Protein Supplements are not available from any other company.

The Protogard process

The selection of excellent raw materials that are properly balanced is not enough to assure a high PER protein. It is most important that a processing method be used that will protect the values contained in the raw ingredients.

Excessive heat can denature protein (destroy the amino acid structure), reducing its value to the body. The important nutritive values of the protein base materials GNLD uses are protected by our exclusive Protogard Process. This process blends high-quality protein raw materials at low temperatures and in the presence of three protein-digesting enzymes. This process exerts a partial “predigesting” action resulting in a protein that is easily digested and provides increased availability to promote greater absorption. The Protogard Process is another important benefit available from GNLD.

The glycemic edge

GNLD protein formulas rely upon fructose to establish an important “Glycemic Edge”. Fructose is a naturally occurring, simple sugar from fruit which can provide a greater sustained energy level than glucose or other sugars, such as sucrose.

Sucrose provides a quick spurt of energy, but this also triggers the release of insulin. This, in turn, increases the depletion of muscle energy (glycogen) and suppresses the conversion of fat into energy. The result is a burst of energy followed by fatigue and hunger. Fructose, on the other hand, does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar or insulin release. It provides a steadier supply of blood sugar to postpone the draw on muscle glycogen. This translates into improved endurance during exercise or simply more energy all day long.

Protein sparing

The body puts its need for energy above all else. If the energy foods (carbohydrates and fats) are not present to supply these essential needs, the body will convert proteins into energy. It is important that some carbohydrates and fats be available to provide what nutritionists call a “protein-sparing” action. This conserves the protein for its special functions of maintenance, rebuilding, growth and stamina.

GNLD’s protein supplements use fructose (natural fruit sugar) as the carbohydrate for this important “protein-sparing” action. Fructose is particularly well suited for this purpose because it is absorbed slowly and, even more important, it is metabolized very rapidly once absorbed. Slow absorption means sustained energy. Rapid metabolism means instant utilization.

Protein energy curve

GNLD’s proteins provide a sustained energy curve by selecting ingredients with different degrees of availability. This adds up to a kind of “timed energy release”. Fructose provides the instant energy; hydrolyzed protein supplies backup energy; and, partially hydrolyzed and unhydrolyzed protein extend the curve for even longer periods. These ingredients work together to give GNLD proteins a “timed energy” quality with energy releases occurring over four distinct stages.

All 22 amino acids

To achieve maximum protein efficiency, GNLD protein products provide all 22 Amino Acids that are involved in human nutrition. Even though the human body usually has the capacity to manufacture all but the 8 essential amino acids (10 for children), supplying all 22 effectively allows the essentials to be utilized to their fullest in functions such as tissue building and renewal or enzyme synthesis. This “completeness” advantage is not found in all protein foods.

Special distributor's note

The above mentioned combination of protein technologies places GNLD as the leader in protein supplementation. No matter what type of protein supplementation is needed, GNLD proteins can fulfill that need and do it best.