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                                        Dr David and Heide Body                                                KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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email: drbody(at)healthybusiness(dot)co(dot)za 


GNLD retail price list for South Africa, with effect from 03 February 2016

 If you want a copy of the the GNLD (NeoLife Golden) retail price list for South Africa
(effective 03 February 2016) you are welcome to download it (.pdf 94.9 KB) here

  Product ordering options in South Africa...

   1. At our GNLD-controlled Distributor website, online orders are processed directly by GNLD.
      GNLD handles all payments, order processing and deliveries. It is a safe, secure, and convenient way to get the GNLD products
      you want, delivered to your door. No driving, no parking, no wasted time.

      Visit the secure online orders site, here

   2. For collection options, please go to the ordering products page on our GNLD

   3. Join GNLD and get the products you want at Distributor discount prices. More info, and an online

       application form, at our official GNLD Distributor website.

   South African Product info...

   Want to read about a particular NeoLife or Golden product? For a short product description by GNLD, please visit our GNLD Distributor website.

   Distributor Price List...
   If you're a registered GNLD Distributor, go to our GNLD Distributor website and login with your GNLD
   ID number and PIN.

   You will be linked directly with GNLD, and the Distributor prices will be available for you to see.

   For your convenience, GNLD enables you to place an order, too. Don't long as you have logged
   in, any orders you place are processed directly by GNLD with your name and GNLD ID number...not ours.


   Please get in touch with us if you can't find what you're looking for. Our contact details are at the
   top of this page. Although we're overseas at the moment, we're only an email away.