The GNLD Difference in Quality

10 GNLD differences you can count on!

We’re unique, and we want you to know it! Our philosophy, people and products embody the “GNLD Difference”. We are in business to make a positive difference in people’s lives and that lofty goal requires a comprehensive, long-term approach to business. We rely on Nature’s “blueprint” to guide the world’s top-notch scientists in developing safe, effective, innovative products that meet human needs. So how do we distinguish ourselves from our market competitors? Let us count the ways!

1: Quality is not a goal - it is a commitment

GNLD does not define quality as a high standard to be achieved. Instead, it is a level of excellence which our people and products have already attained and which we are committed to maintaining. Our commitment to “Quality Without Compromise” ensures that GNLD will continue to lead the industry with superior products.

2: A "What's Right" philosophy

The cornerstone of GNLD’s guiding philosophy is “What’s Right”. Simply stated, this philosophy dictates that every decision be made in the best interests of the CUSTOMER, DISTRIBUTOR, COMPANY and the ENVIRONMENT - that is, what’s right for all the participants in GNLD’s Total Value Opportunity. The “What’s Right” philosophy ensures that each product designed, developed and distributed by GNLD will be of the finest quality.

3: Based in nature, backed by science

We use Nature as a “blueprint” to formulate products that are safe and effective over a lifetime of use. You’d be surprised at how often this difference alone sets us apart from the competition. What’s more, considerable scientific research precedes the development of each GNLD product. We weigh the existing body of scientific evidence - everything from ancient folkloric usages to the latest scientific findings from international, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, clinical trials. Then we combine the best that Nature and Science have to offer in order to create innovative, effective products.

4: Our SAB is enormously talented and commited

A distinguished group of scientists, doctors and nutrition professionals, GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board is the most active, committed, prominent and qualified in the nutrition industry. While many companies do not even have scientific advisors, or have advisors who are minimally involved, GNLD’s SAB members are highly regarded in their respective fields and are frequently called by the scientific community, government and industry to provide vision and direction. On a day-to-day basis, your SAB is continuously involved in literally hundreds of research projects. The result is leading-edge products that are proven to work. This talented, hard-working group is truly at the heart of GNLD’s envied position at the leading edge of product innovation.

5: Raw materials up to a standard, not down to a price

Raw materials are available in many forms, with different abilities and at vastly different prices. The selection of raw materials determines the ultimate quality level and price of the finished product. GNLD selects only the finest raw materials to ensure quality results to the consumer. For this reason, we are renowned for manufacturing products that are “up to a standard, not down to a price”. In addition, GNLD has pioneered the extraction, concentration, and use of numerous raw materials. Sometimes we were the first in the world to offer certain products, such as Carotenoid Complex, and we had to develop innovative technologies, such as the use of oxygenless encapsulation, to protect our products during manufacturing. All of our ingredients are generally regarded as safe.

6: We don't take their word for it - we put it to the test!

GNLD verifies the quality of each raw material. No matter how reputable the supplier, each shipment is quarantined until an individual batch sample can be tested for potency and purity. Only after raw materials have met GNLD’s exacting standards are they moved into our warehouses. And testing doesn’t stop there. We also analyze finished products (enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc.) according to our stringent SAB standards to be sure they meet or exceed the rigorous scientific and regulatory criteria essential to market products throughout the world. Using advanced methods, we test tablet disintegration and dissolution time, stability, purity, potency, bioavailability, odour, taste, etc. Moreover, we exceed regulatory requirements by subjecting our products to additional tests, often conducted by researchers from universities, government agencies and private contract laboratories, to verify their performance.

7: The highest manufacturing standards in our industry

GNLD’s manufacturing standards always exceed those required by law. For instance, our U.S. manufacturing facility holds a Drug Manufacturing License, even though we do not manufacture drugs. Granted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this licence means that every aspect of our operation is open to unannounced inspection by the FDA to confirm that we follow Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices. Whereas no law requires supplement manufacturers to meet the stringent standards required of drug manufacturers, we voluntarily subject ourselves to such scrutiny to assure the finest quality products and to preserve consumer confidence. We have maintained this licence for more than 15 years. Our European Technology Centre meets similar high standards.

8: State-of-the-Art research and development facilities

GNLD has multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art product research and development facilities on two continents. Our sparkling-clean North American Research Facility and our leading-edge European Technology Centre house high-technology instruments that allow us to develop safe, effective products. In addition, GNLD is listed as an Original Equipment Manufacturer, which allows the company to engineer, develop and manufacture its own specialized production equipment. Thus, GNLD can rapidly implement new product and technology innovations.

9: Highly skilled technical people

GNLD continues to attract and retain highly qualified people. In addition to GNLD’s prestigious and esteemed Scientific Advisory Board and Global Science Network, GNLD employs a highly skilled team of laboratory specialists. Using sophisticated instruments and complex procedures, this professional research staff is responsible for GNLD’s quality control and assurance. They apply their scientific and manufacturing expertise to ongoing development of new and improved products and manufacturing technologies.

10: Longevity and leadership in a competitive market

Competition is intense in the global marketplace, and only the fittest survive. Companies come and go over the years, and longevity is uncommon. GNLD is a rare exception, having been in business since 1958. We have not only survived - we have thrived! An industry leader, GNLD is a company that other companies try to imitate. GNLD’s excellent reputation is based on a history teeming with technical achievements and industry firsts. A good example is the fact that the United Kingdom Patent Authority issued patent No. 2,274,235, protecting Carotenoid Complex as a unique and exclusive product available only from GNLD and making it the only carotenoid supplement in the world whose formula is protected by law!

Count on GNLD for products you can trust and a business built to last!

We are totally committed to remaining at the leading edge of product innovation and to setting the industry benchmark for quality. We are confident that our products will continue to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Year after year, you can count on GNLD for product excellence!