L.D.C. is dramatically effective for anything needing extra special care. L.D.C. is perfect for washing dishes by hand. It is so concentrated that just a few drops can do a whole sinkful of dishes. L.D.C. was “made” for hands, crystal, sterling silver and fine china.

GNLD’s gentle L.D.C. is super concentrated so a little lasts a long time.

L.D.C. is biodegradable and breaks down easily in septic tanks and sewage disposal systems. It does not contribute to pollution of water supplies and it contains no phosphates.

L.D.C. is a balanced blend of non-ionic surface active agents, reacted coconut oil amides, neutralized organic acids, skin conditioners and hard water ion chelators. All topped off with a fragrance from nature’s own flower shop.

Size Availability

1 litre, 5 litres, 25 litres


  • Perfect for washing dishes by hand, L.D.C. was “made” for hands, crystal, sterling silver and fine china.
  • Waterless Hand Cleaner.
  • Hand washables.


  • Biodegradable
  • Economical
  • Completely free rinsing
  • Gentle on fine fabrics
  • Versatile


  • Safe for the environment, will not pollute waste water
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Soils and oils are suspended in water preventing any rinsing residues

Key Sales Points

  • Completely free rinsing.
  • Contains suspension agent.
  • Gentle cleaner for fine fabrics.
  • Formulated for animal and vegetable residues.

Demonstration Information

A quick effective demonstration is to put car oil or cooking oil on your hand. Use a little L.D.C. and wash in bowl of clear water. Dry hands with napkin or towel. Comment on fragrance, lotion quality, versatility, rinse-ability and no residue in bowl.

L.D.C. is remarkable in that it makes water “wetter”, i.e. it helps water to wet fabrics and soil quickly and thoroughly. To demonstrate this effectively, obtain several pieces of 4-ply wool yarn (3 cms long each is preferable), 250ml of water, a pencil and L.D.C.

Fill the glass with water and float the yarn on top. If you are demonstrating in front of guests, hold the glass up for everyone to see. Dip the pencil into the concentrated L.D.C. and drip one or two drops of L.D.C. into the water. As soon as the L.D.C. hits the water, the yarn will start to sink to the bottom of the glass which shows the instant penetration power of L.D.C. (Wool yarn is recommended for this demonstration. Brown paper can also be used.)

Product Characteristics

A phosphate free, clear, viscous, rose-coloured liquid, highly concentrated yet extremely mild. Effective in many cleaning functions. The coconut oil derivatives in L.D.C. make it gentle to the skin.

Technical Information

Coconut oil (reacted)
Non-ionic surfactant
Chelating agent

Quantitative Information

pH factor: 8,0 to 8,4
Solids content: 43,5%
Specific gravity: 1,050
Viscosity: 500 cps.

Read labels carefully to ensure best results and greatest safety.

Use Information

Woodwork and walls

For mild cleaning use 1/2 capful of diluted L.D.C. in 4,5 litres of water. Also, from 10 to 1 to 40 to 1 mixture of Super 10 depending on the dirt. Super 10 can be used on all washable materials. It will not remove paint unless water alone will remove it. Test painted surfaces with water first.

Wallpaper removal

Use 3 or 4 capfuls of L.D.C. with 6 litres of HOT water. Apply with a sponge. Let soak. Pull off old paper, remove stubborn residues with more L.D.C. solution and a wide putty knife. Rinse wall well before painting or applying new paper.

Washing dishes by hand

Use 1 “healthy” squirt of L.D.C. mixed 1 part L.D.C. to 3 parts water under the force of running water to make lots of bubbles. In hard water you may need a little more. Dishes drain spotless. L.D.C. is mild to your hands. You need no rubber gloves. When washing greasy dishes, L.D.C. will not only remove the grease, but also keeps it in suspension so that it is flushed down the drain. No more messy deposits to wash away from the sides of the sink.

Not for use in automatic dishwasher.

Pots, pans and casseroles

15ml L.D.C. to 1 litre of boiling water. Let soak a few minutes or longer and wash out.

Jewellery, chrome

1 part water to 1 part L.D.C.

Sinks and baths

Clean sinks and baths with L.D.C. as it rinses away completely, leaving no remaining film. This eliminates the need for a gritty abrasive.

Spraying weeds

Mix 1 cap of L.D.C. concentrate in your litre container with the weed killers and spray weeds. The L.D.C. helps to penetrate the ground better and carry the weed killers to the weed roots.

Hand washables

Use 60ml of L.D.C. in cold water in laundry basin. Let soak. Rinse well. You can wash nylon, rayon, cotton, polyester and other synthetic fabrics, including Lycra and Lastex.

Greasy hands

One part L.D.C. to three parts water. Apply a few drops on wet hands, rub in. Turns grease to soapy solution, rinse off.

Waterless hand cleaner

Mix in a mixing bottle with two or three parts water and one part L.D.C. Before starting to work, rub this into your hands like a lotion. It is kind to your hands. It gets down into the creases of your hands and protects them so the grease or grime does not get into the pores. When ready to clean the hands, squirt some of this mixture into the hands and rub them together to loosen the dirt and grease. Wipe off with towel.

Appliances, refrigerators, stoves, machinery, etc.

2 parts water to 1 part L.D.C. for normal soil. Spray or wipe with damp cloth, wipe dry. Excellent for cleaning and polishing.


To open drains to full flow, add approximately 60ml of L.D.C. to sinks and/or tubs.


Removes odours from traps. Once L.D.C. reaches sewer or drainage systems, biodegradable action keeps systems functioning normally.

Walls, tiles, waxed floors

30ml L.D.C. for 4,5 litre water. Spray or wipe on and wipe off. No rinsing required.

Typewriter keys

Saturate cloth with solution of 1 part L.D.C. to 1 part water - wring out cloth then wipe keys, leave them shiny clean. Also use same solution to clean off typewriter letters - all ink deposits will disappear.

Camping trips

Use with cold water to wash greasy saucepans and other utensils.


With or without a brush. NOT for electric shavers.

Swimming pools

Use up to 240ml L.D.C. (undiluted) per 45 000 litres. Add L.D.C. to pool on discharge side of circulating pump. Should there be any sudsiness, it will disappear in 24 hours. This amount of L.D.C. helps keep side walls and bottom of pool free of scum, dirt and grime. If pool is located in an area where there is dust or polluted air, increase L.D.C. to 300ml for each 45 000 litre capacity. Pour in on discharge side of pump. Wait 24 or 28 hours. Additional L.D.C. as may be required by pool use from time to time.


Renders hard water soft. Adds penetrating power to water so tough grease, tar or wax stains may easily be removed. L.D.C. is often the only chemical that will remove the stains from wash and wear fabrics.

Window washers on cars

Use 2 caps of L.D.C. diluted 1 to 1 in the winter with your anti-freeze. Use only 1 cap during summer.